Church Board Secretary

Dear Church Board Secretary,

Congratulations! You've just been elected secretary for your local church board! Now what? This page is for you. Here are some helpful hints and bits of information that will help you fulfill your role with confidence and with joy.

  • Find out what your pastor's expectations of you are. Every local church has a slightly different way of getting the business of the church done, and every pastor has his preferences. Find out what your pastor expects of you, and do your very best at meeting those expectations. Communicate clearly and frequently with your pastor. When in doubt . . .ask!
  • The district superintendent sends out notes on occasions to local board secretaries, with ideas for blessing your pastor and your church. These are ideas and suggestions and are never intended to be replace your pastor's instructions. Here are some of the things Dr. Berry, the district superintendent, recommends to local board secretaries:
    • Find out when your pastor and spouse and children have birthdays and anniversaries. Make it a point to help your church and church board celebrate with them, with notes, gifts, etc.  It is amazing how a birthday card from the church board to a pastor's child conveys real appreciation toward your pastor and family.
    • In the fall of each year, the Alabama South District celebrates a Pastors and Spouses' Retreat.  Plan on doing everything you can as a church to send your pastor and spouse to this event.  This includes budgeting for the expense, arranging your church calendar accordingly, helping arrange for childcare while pastor and spouse are away, and letting them know they not only have permission to attend, but that you really want them to attend and to enjoy themselves. This is a special time of renewal and refreshment for our pastors, and local churches reap the benefits of their pastors attending.
    • October is Pastor's Appreciation Month. This is true not only in the Nazarene church, but across denominational lines. Think of ways to publicly let your pastor and family know how much they are loved. Have a pot-luck meal for them, give them a gift during the worship service, put an announcement in the newspaper. You will think of something appropriate. But...start planning early to make this special.  Focus on the Family provides an online site to help you with ideas at
    • Make sure your pastor takes his allowed vacation time each year. The Alabama South District Finance Committee and the Assembly have approved the following vacation time depending on a ministers total years of service in ministry (not just the years at your local church): See the District Journal for vacation guidelines.
    • Be sure the church board conducts an annual review of the pastor's compensation package. Most pastors will not ask for this. The local board secretary can help make sure it happens.
    • Keep accurate and clear minutes of board meetings. Help the pastor keep the meetings as short as possible. Minutes of previous board meetings can often be distributed ahead of the meeting, so little time is spent approving the minutes. Approval can even be done by email if agreed upon.
    • When the time comes for the Regular Pastoral Review, the district superintendent will rely largely on the church board secretary to make sure this process takes place as it should.
    • The Nazarene Publishing House has a special program called the Pastor's Reading Budget. For $99.99, they will give your pastor $125 worth of reading material.  You may want to make sure your church budget includes this amount toward your pastors continuing education and resourcing. You may want to make this a part of Pastor's Appreciation Month, or use it as a Christmas or Birthday Gift for your pastor.
    • Don't forget your pastor and family at Christmas time.
    • How about sending your pastor's children to the summer camps sponsored by the district?
    • At District Assembly time, be sure your pastor's expenses are covered. If Assembly requires travel, meals and lodging away from home, be sure the local church covers those expenses.
    • General Assembly comes around only once every four years. Budget and save each year to send your pastor, if even for just a couple of days of his choosing, to General Assembly.

The Manual of the Church of the Nazarene also details the responsibilities of church board secretaries.  Be sure your church provides you with a copy of the most recently published Manual.

Finally, bathe your new ministry in prayer. Pray that God will use you to be a blessing, to model an optimistic and positive spirit about the ministry of your local church. Pray that He would bless your pastor through you. Pray that He would use you to help your church catch a vision for ministry as God sees it.

Thank you for agreeing to serve as local church board secretary. May God bless you richly and give you joy in serving Him!

Alabama South District Supply Pastors List

NOTE: We request that each church only use district approved supply pastors found in this list. Should you have a non-Nazarene pastor that your church would like to use, please be so kind as to contact the district superintendent.

Download the approved list of ASD supply pastors HERE

*If you do not use Dropbox choose the direct download option when prompted for Dropbox login information.

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