Building Bridges

Building bridges across divides by reaching communities for Christ!

I enjoy traveling across bridges! I have always been intrigued with the steel structure and  long  expanse  across  turbulent  waters.  When  I  lived  near  the  Atlantic  Ocean, our family often traveled across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which was at one time the  world's  longest  continuous  over-water  steel  structure.  At  the  overpasses,  I  was mesmerized by the large ships that passed under and through the rough waters.

Bridges span dangerous waters to help people cross safely to the other side. Bridges can bring a weary soul to the shores of a new land that could otherwise not be reached. With that in mind, I desire to be a bridge builder. Oh, not the kind that places rivets in the steel structure, but the kind of bridge builder that shares the Gospel with a wayward soul who is stuck on the wrong side of the waters. I want to look past their culture, their skin color, their ethnicity, and their status in life to help them travel across the bridge to the other side where life is filled with joy, peace, and happiness through Christ.

Will you be one to build bridges instead of walls?  Will  you  be  obedient  to  the  Great  Commission? I  challenge  you  and  Christ  implores  you!!